The 80/20 Lifestyle: Balancing Healthy Choices with Indulgences

The 80/20 Lifestyle

Helen & I are big fans of the 80/20 lifestyle. It’s a great way to learn about healthy cooking methods & grocery shopping strategies.

It also teaches you to enjoy your favourite foods in moderation. However, this diet may not be suitable for everyone. So, before committing to this lifestyle, always consult with your doctor or dietitian.

80% Healthy

The 80% part of this lifestyle involves eating nutrient-rich whole foods, including healthy fats like nuts and seeds, fresh vegetables, lean protein and low-fat dairy. The 20% includes any foods you crave, which could include processed meats, sugary treats or alcohol.

The beauty of this approach is that you can tailor it to your own personal goals, explains Arsenault. It can mean four out of five meals are wholesome while the other one isn’t, or it may simply mean being a bit more mindful of the nutrient-packed foods during the week and being flexible on weekends.

Insider’s fitness and nutrition reporters Rachel Hosie and Gabby Landsverk have both used this eating style and find that it works for them. However, if you have health conditions or are trying to lose weight it’s important to talk to your doctor before making any changes. Some foods can be dangerous for certain conditions, such as salt, fat and sugar.

20% Indulgent

The 80/20 lifestyle is a flexible way to eat that allows for a bit of indulgences. This doesn’t mean consuming a pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni, but rather enjoying a slice of cake or nachos if you’ve been reasonable with your meals for a few days.

Fit Body’s in-house Registered Dietitian Kylie Morse notes that which foods are considered unhealthy or indulgent is open to interpretation and depends on personal beliefs. However, she does recommend that you place fresh foods like produce, lean proteins and healthy fats first in your shopping cart.

The 2020 method also promotes healthy habits by encouraging you to learn new cooking methods and grocery-shopping strategies. Additionally, it can accommodate any diet needs since no foods are required or banned completely. This is especially helpful for those with food allergies, gluten sensitivities, and diabetes. Custom stabilizer systems incorporating gums such as guar, locust bean and carrageenan with emulsifiers including mono-and diglycerides can help you create frozen products with better water control properties.

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